TAG Clamshell - ALU Split Frame 1

TAG Clamshell – ALU Split Frame 1″ – 54″ (25-1372mm)

Style code TAG Clamshell – ALU Split Frame 1″ – 54″ (25-1372mm)
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TAG Aluminium Split Frame Clamshells

TAG’s new range of Split Frame Clamshells are essentially portable lathes.

Offering the versatility to cut and bevel (simultaneously if required), face, counterbore and O/D machine pipes (and vessels) of almost any diameter.

A light weight aluminium body, encases a steel inner ring gear running on solid bearings, ensuring manageability, yet extreme strength and durability.

Coupled with wide, hardened clamping feet, with easy read rule marks, enable rapid, repeatable concentric setup, even on out of round pipes and joints.

A range of tooling, power units, and accessories allow you to tailor your machine to your particular job.

Features and Advantages

  •  11 models cover a range from 1″ (25.4 mm) to 48″ (1219.2 mm) O/D
  •  Pneumatic, Hydraulic, standard electric and NC SERVO Electric Drive options provide increased versatility
  •  Adjustable heavy duty bearings, combined with easy access maintenance points allow inspection and adjustment
  •  Clamping Feet are quickly and easily adjusted via a flush Hex head through the outer ring. Feet feature easy read measure marks for rapid setup and adjustment
  •  TAG Split Frame Clamshells accept a wide range of accessories to increase performance and expand machine capabilities
  •  Unique ‘TAG transmission’ tool slides with changeable gears for adjustable Radial tool feed

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