Lorch MicorStick 180 CP

Lorch MicorStick 180 CP

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Three-way flexibility
All-in technology for mains supply, generator and battery

Light and rugged
Lightweight with as little as 4.9 kg and crash protection up to 80 cm

Ideal welding properties
Even when using long power cables or in the event of voltage fluctuations

Electrode welding inverter
CEL-capable, fully resonant welding inverter with MicorBoost technology, electrode pre-selection and TIG function. Suitable for connection to cables with a length of up to 200 m and for generator operation.

The low weight and compact dimensions of the Lorch MicorStick series make it easy to work with just the way you want especially in the most confined spaces.

The Lorch MicorStick series always offers you the right tool whether you need to weld with basic, rutile or even special electrodes. Better still, it provides long duty cycles, high power reserves and the possibility of TIG welding with ContacTIG ignition of even the most difficult electrodes.

Thanks to the adaptive automatic Hotstart feature you can always count on perfect ignition.

Anti-Stick System
The Anti-Stick system prevents the electrode from sticking, especially useful for positional welding.

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